During class

There are several ways to take care of yourself and prevent injuries during this intense, sweaty experience.

Take it slow. Be Patient. You will build the stamina to stay with the teacher for the whole class with time and practice. It’s incredibly cardiovascular but you’ll notice control comes with practice.

Avoid injury by engaging your intelligence and body awareness. Listen to your body the entire time. Pace yourself. Take breaks as often as needed.

Use mindful precision. Take the time to set up each asana with precise alignment. For example, if you enter and exit each posture the same way every time, your body remembers and improvements will occur quickly. With each class, you are teaching your body what you want. Good form before depth! If you encounter difficulty in a pose, learn the first step first. Instead of modifying technique, adjust your depth and intensity. Focus on doing the foundational elements of the pose in proper sequence. Break it down to the basic steps, tackle them one by one, in order, and you will get there. Hurting? Questions? Ask your teacher any time before, during or after class. Really. You can talk in the yoga room 🙂

You can also schedule a free yoga consultation with the owner any time.

Most importantly be kind and patient with your body as you begin. It’s normal to have serious challenges performing many of the poses. It usually takes approximately 10 classes or so to get used to exerting yourself in a hot room. With good technique and diligent use of your strength, more and more becomes possible. The only thing to compare yourself to is how far you have come from your first class.

After class, do Savasana! Seriously!

Later, continue to hydrate until your tongue is no longer dry. Give yourself permission for downtime and replenish with electrolytes if your head aches or you feel lethargic.