Before class

Arrive well hydrated, on a mostly empty stomach. On your first visit please come early so you can sign in, meet your instructor and begin to acclimatize.

Bring a mat and towel to practice on and bottle of water to sip during class. Bring another towel if you wish to shower. You can always rent or purchase any of these items at the front desk.

Feel free to give your instructor any information you want them to know, or just head into class.

Clothing should be light, form fitting and devoid of peek-a-boo possibilities ☺


shorts and supportive tank top or micro shorts and sports bra.


Loose shorts that allow for deep knee bends or fitted, mid to short length shorts, compression shorts.

T-shirts are fine, but not preferable. Eventually… you want to be able to see your abdominals!

Choose your own comfort level to start. It’s important not to feel overexposed. As people become more experienced, many shed layers. To gain control of the lazy, upper thigh muscles, it really helps to see them!