Our pricing is designed to reward for commitment.
The more yoga you do the better you feel and the more we can offer a discount.

New Student Special

$39 for one month of unlimited classes

This yoga can radically improve the quality of your spine and your life. But only if you do it! Aim for at least 10 classes in your first month. Your body will change dramatically and you will acclimate to the heat. With regular practice you will see and feel your own unique set of yoga benefits.

Meet our teachers. Experience our community.

Start your positive transformation today


Unlimited Yoga Membership

*Auto-renewing with card on file

Sign up during your new student special to lock in at $89 per month*


$109 per month* unlimited yoga access

10% off clothing, WAY Mats and canisters of electrolyte.

Cancel via email to within 7 days of next charge.

Canceling or pausing this account is equivalent to canceling the monthly rate you had. Any restarted accounts will be at the full rate.
Stay enrolled to avoid this!


Auto 5 - $69 with card on file - 6 month expiration

This package auto-renews when you run out of classes.
Sharable when you attend with your guest.

10 Class Card $160 - One year expiration.

One month unlimited -  $145 no commitment, no card on file

One year unlimited - $1100, for couples $1850

Traveler's Special - $49 for a 7 day unlimited pass, includes mat and towel service.

Drop-in $20

All classes come with a refill of Living Water. Bring your own water bottle.
Mats and Towels $2 each.
Sign up for mat & laundry service $30 per month.
Please come prepared to pay for anything you need including classes, water, mats, towels.