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APRIL 2018
90 Minute Hot Series - This is the original, Bikram method, hot yoga. This comprehensive series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises systematically treats every organ, gland, muscle, and joint in the human body while oxygenating 100% of your blood. The heated environment helps prevent injury, improves circulation and promotes detoxification. This superior health maintenance system is appropriate for beginners, while simultaneously offering seasoned yogis plenty to gain from. 104 to 108 degrees.
One Hour Mix - This class adds to the Bikram foundation with Ghosh style greetings to the Sun & Moon, and salutes to the Gods & Goddesses. These short flow sequences warm up the body and require more focus on quality backbends while improving upper body, core, & leg strength, plus coordination. From there we will explore more complex balancing posture variations, arm balancing poses, and lotus preparation before closing in a familiar but different way. Suitable for those with a some of yoga experience but not required. 85 to 95 degrees.

e84 Intermediate - This class builds on the foundation created by the 90 minute hot series. We begin to introduce new ideas and develop body parts for postures that require skills like arm balancing, leg over the head, deep backbends and lotus. The parts of class with which you’re familiar will move more quickly, with less instruction; new ideas will be taught more thoroughly. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort practicing the 90 minute hot series, curiosity and willingness are essential!