The studio is open 30 minutes before and after each class.

You are welcome to sign up online, but reservations are not required.

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Bikram Yoga - 90 minutes. This is the original, Bikram method, hot yoga. This comprehensive series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises systematically treats every organ, gland, muscle, and joint in the human body while oxygenating 100% of your blood. The heated environment helps prevent injury, improves circulation and promotes detoxification. This superior health maintenance system is appropriate for beginners, while simultaneously offering seasoned yogis plenty to gain from. 105 degrees and 45% humidity.


Mat Pilates - 75 or 90 minutes. Original CORE method Pilates as founded by Joseph Pilates. Focus on functional alignment and rotation, full range flexibility and control. Proper form and movement is the focus of this class. Increase your understanding of this excellent compliment to yoga and experience why Pilates is so coveted in the fitness industry. No heat added. The room is 90 degrees. 


ABC Yoga ( Arms, Booty, Core) - 60 minutes. Focuses on bodyweight exercises to strengthen and tone the booty, legs, arms, core, and posture. Every exercise begins with a focus on the muscles used, core stabilization, and is geared to connect the mind to each movement, similar to the focus in yoga. The glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in the body, and can help stabilize the legs and pelvis, decrease risk of injuries, and can help alleviate back and knee pain, plus look great! We will begin each class by affirming our strength and gratitude for our amazing bodies, and end each class by releasing and stretching the parts we have focused on that day. We will learn to love the burn!