Why Bikram’s Hot Yoga?

We are thrilled to bring you classic, Bikram method, hot yoga. This is a Beginner’s hatha yoga class designed to give you a strong physical foundation for whatever you choose to do in life. This comprehensive series of 26 postures systematically treats every organ, gland, muscle, and joint in the human body while oxygenating 100% of your blood. The heated environment helps prevent injury, improves circulation and promotes detoxification. This superior health maintenance system is appropriate for beginners, while simultaneously offering seasoned yogis plenty to gain from. Everybody enjoys the skeletal decompression and body awareness that occurs as we move through the sequence.

While we primarily talk about the body and mind during class, we largely leave the spirituality to you. However, never doubt the spiritual nourishment that comes from uniting the mind and the body. It is quite natural to come to yoga for the physical benefits and end up staying, after experiencing how happy the spirit is when the mind and body synchronize.

Daily, thousands use this scientifically structured series to rehabilitate themselves from injuries and ailments that modern medicine can only do so much for. Regular hot yoga practice mitigates the sickly symptoms of all kinds of diseases and disorders. Consistent practitioners experience increased strength, flexibility, concentration powers, body acceptance, and stress relief. Dedication to this practice over time yields a very personal set of physical, psychological and inherently spiritual benefits that are unique to each individual.